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Woman On Top - Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer Do an online image search for “Marissa Mayer.” It will reveal a beautiful, smiling, poised woman. She looks like a model, a movie star, or perhaps a TV talk show host. There are pictures of her wearing gorgeous gowns, posing in an office, and holding her 2 year old son, among other snapshots. Now think about your image search. Did you use Yahoo! or Google? If so, your search could not have taken place without Ms. Mayer.

Steamroller - Juliette Gordon Low

Juliette Gordon LowIt’s that time of year again. Just as New Years’ resolutions are tossed by the wayside, those little uniform clad cherubs arrive at your front door peddling boxes of caloric temptation. Yes, it’s Girl Scout cookie season.

Featured Business - Cristina Roman

Cristina Roman In today’s age, businesses are often measured by their online presence. Word of mouth spreads a lot faster with the quick assistance of Facebook, Yelp, and Google but can you stay on the cutting edge of technology when you aren’t tech-savvy?

- I Went Through Divorce & All I Got Was This Amazing New Life

Amazing New Life According to the Holmes-Rahe scale divorce is the single most stressful life event a person can ever go through; even more so than a loved one’s death. Yet numerous clinical studies suggest divorced women undergo less depression and recover quicker than divorced men. They also rate their post divorce lives as being greatly improved. What accounts for this disparity?



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