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Woman on Top- Kathryn Bigelow

In more than 80 years of Academy Award presentations, only one woman has received the Best Director Oscar. In an industry known for its sexism, Kathryn Bigelow stands as a shining example of a woman who overcame enormous obstacles to succeed at the highest level possible in her chosen field.

Featured Business - Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Christina SeidThe Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is New York's latest rage and for good reason. The shop boasts a menu of "Chinese flavored ice cream". Established 30 years ago, this business has experienced an increase in popularity and prosperity in recent years thanks in part to co-owner, Christina Seid.

Helping Hands - Susan Bell, Satch & Sol

Susan Bell When social entrepreneur Susan Bell first saw these unique handmade Mongolian crafts, she also recognized the country’s story of tradition and promise. The former marketing director and consultant knew she wanted to launch her own eco-friendly business with an emphasis on fair trade practices, but she simply could not find the right product.

Streamroller - Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter In the late 1890s, Beatrix began to incorporate her love of nature into writing children’s stories. What began as a short tale intended for the sick child of a friend eventually grew to become The Tale of Peter Rabbit.



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